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              At Kanosh Labs we strive to breed the matchless qualities of the Labrador. It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously. We take the time, study, and care necessary to assure that each and every puppy born here will have great potential as a friend, partner, retriever, and family member. Our “perfect lab” has a soft expression in its eyes, a gentle people loving personality, and an exuberant outlook on life. We believe that the “perfect lab” should be intelligent, teachable, and social. We also believe the “perfect lab” should revel in the beauty of the outdoors and feel right at home watching children videos with the kids on the couch.

              Kanosh Labs believes that quality genetics are the key to quality dogs. The apple never falls far from the tree. Each dog in our home comes from a sound foundation of healthy hips, elbows, and eyes. We like dark pigmentation on the nose, mouth, feet, and around the eyes. We like a deep chest, a straight back, a fairly blocky head, and a moderate muzzle to match the head. Our dogs come from English Champions with working titles because Labs should be well balanced in all settings.

               We want to express a heartfelt thanks to all the good people who adopt their pets from rescue organizations. Their willingness to take on pets that may carry ‘extra baggage’ is a great example to all of us. If you are determined to start with a puppy, we strongly encourage you to seek out responsible breeders- for the betterment of the breed, for society, and most importantly for a great experience with you, your dog, and your family.

               As a rule, we do not want any of our puppies to go to homes that are not prepared for all the work and committment required in getting a puppy.  We want our puppies to enter homes that have enjoyed or seriously plan on enjoying a dog as part of their lifestyle.  A Lab from our home will be one of the great experiences in your life if you commit the neccessary time to help it be your perfect friend.  Even the finest Lab puppies in the world need a lot of training and love to become amazing.

               If you are ready to give your love, time, energy, and heart into raising a Lab puppy and ready to receive love, friendship, devotion, joy, and a million fun, silly, sweet, endearing memories in return- we’d love to help you out.